Food Stations

"Let our chefs entertain you"

Food stations are very popular and a great way of creating a vocal point or an attraction for your event. They are also very versatile taking only two hours to set up and can operate indoors and outdoors.

Our versatile stations can be transformed into sleek sushi stations, afternoon tea, Bao bun, sorbet or delightful edible gardens where guests can congregate, socialise and enjoy a variety of amazing tastes and the flexibility to mix cuisines of ethnic styles of cooking.

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The Vinyl Station


Guests will be dazzled as they watch their bowls of food created in a ‘live’ performance on record players. A choice of savoury or sweet dish is perfected by our Chefs skilfully adding a smooth topping


Each Vinyl Food Station table will provide enough bowls for 100+ people but extra tables can be added, or more table performances, depending on your guest numbers, venue size, shape and restrictions.

The Sweet Art Station


Station is an interactive food station with our highly trained Chefs performing a ‘live’ show of desserts to create a grand finale to your event or party.


Your guests will be indulged in our Chefs artistic skills using stunning dessert ingredients to display a Jackson Pollock style art table in front of them.


Our Chefs will delight your guests with an awe inspiring dessert experience as they drag, scrape, drop, dollop, toss & juggle the coulis, powders, crunch’s, airs, anglaise’s, fruit & scented dry ice.

Spice Shack 

Blend of Indian and Sri Lankan curries, including Sri Lankan Okra and butternut squash curry, spicy lamb Jalfrezi, and butter chicken, served with onion bhajis and poppadum’s, rice and pickles


Presentation: served in three chafing dishes, table dressed with Indian copper pots, spices, chillies, in black cone shaped bowls, one to two Chefs manning station

The Veg Patch

Vegan station to include, superfood raw salads, dips, vegetarian burgers, pickled vegetables, Vietnamese rolls, onion bhajis, maki rolls and filled peppers. 

Presentation: Bamboo banana leaves, natural wooden boards, recyclable disposables, biodegradable and sustainable disposables.

The Seashore 

Selection of ceviche to include sea bass, salmon and scallops, with a chilli and lime dressing. With native and rock oysters from the British Isles, shallot and red wine vinegar, tabasco, lemon and lime


Presentation: natural stones and rocks, assortment of sea shells, driftwood, sea wood and an anchor.


Pulled pork in brioche buns and American style BBQ glazed ribs served with homemade slaw, BBQ and hot sauce

Presentation: Chalk board explaining offering, natural wood, BBQ or smokehouse sign, white ceramic dishes with blue rims for bread/sauces, Kai branded smokehouse wrapping paper for burgers.


Fusion Sushi  

Selection of sushi such as dragon rolls, California rolls, maki rolls, inside out rolls, sahsimi, tataki, pickled seaweed, vegetables, wasabi and soy


Presentation: slates, glass, chopsticks, banana leaves, ornamental flowers such as orchids, served in bamboo boats.

Tagine Station


Slow cooked preserved lemon olive chicken, aromatic cracked wheat, selection of Moroccan salads, almonds and apricots.

Presentation: Moroccan spices, lanterns, copper dishes, lemons, flat leaf parsley and chilis


We have more food stations if you would like the full list please complete the contact form