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We are delighted to present to you our Kai Catering Canapé menu collection. Kai canapés are designed to have high visual impact combined with a carefully considered balance of flavours. Our canapés are small bites with exquisite tastes, designed to leave your guests in wonder.

Canapé presentations range from funky light boxes to classic silver trays or sleek slate slabs, decorated with bespoke designs to suit your event style. We have also been known to create mini edible gardens or presented canapés on everything from car parts to fashion accessories or film canisters.


Whether a formal or an informal dinner party, a Kai dining experience is a memorable event for all your guests. Our team can look after your guests at home or at a venue to produce well-balanced, delicious menus from a seasonal selection of classic or contemporary dishes. As with all our food choices, we are also happy to create bespoke menus to suit your event style from comfort food to highly stylised, impressive dishes. Always created with love and care – always tasting great.


Kai bowl food dishes, often combined with canapés, are popular for stand up networking receptions, when substantial food is required. Without the restriction of being seated, guests can circulate and socialise whilst enjoying a variety of mini meals.


Food stations are a great way of creating a focal point or an attraction to an event. our versatile light bars can be transformed into sleek sushi stations, sparkling desire stations with gushing chocolate fountains or delightful edible gardens where guests can congregate, socialise and enjoy a variety of amazing tastes. Our buffet offerings range from tasty snacks for conference breaks, indulgent sweets to abundant feasts, all depending on your event requirements.


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"Sea Trout Tartare with Wasabi Crackers and Edible Flowers"
"Watermelon with Sesame Seeds and Edible Flowers"
"Duck and Orange Parfait with Black
Berry Gel"
"Salmon Ceviche with a yuzu & furikake dressing pipette
"Asian Crab on a Sea Urchin Cracker"
"Teardrop spoon of venison with beetroot puree & cocoa nib"


"Tuna Poke Bowl with Lotus Root Crisp"
'White Wine Poached Seabass Minted Potatoes sapphire sauce Vierge"
"A bowl of all ingredients on the sweat stations"
"Fillet of Beef with Dauphinoise Potatoes and Red Wine Jus"


Sweet Art:


Chocolate Soil

Chocolate Spheres

Crushed Meringue

 Large Meringue

Coloured Whipped Cream used in paint tubes

Homage to Jackson Pollock

(Hover on the photo to view more ingredients)

Dry Ice


European Charcuterie

The Veg Patch

House of Arroz

The Seashore

Smoke House

 Bao Bun Bar

Spice Shack:

For our Spice Shack Food Station we offer 3 types of curries including Naan Bread/ Mango Chutney, Mint Railta, Lime Pickle and Rice. 

Fusion Sushi Station:

(Hover on photo to view a more in detail video)